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Feel well.

Be well.

About the cupping guru

Dana Russell, the Cupping Guru, has developed her own techniques of contemporary cupping to make the cupping experience pleasant for all. This exclusive form of cupping works in tandem with massage and hot stones to help treat a variety of body ailments. Dana has developed her techniques through extensive training and years of experience treating a variety of clients.

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Stones on Foot
Massage Therapy


Cupping breaks up adhesions and drains stagnation while increasing blood and lymph.

Pain Relief

Cupping is more effective than a deep tissue massage for muscle knots, strains and tight tissues.

MyoFascia Release

Put away the foam rollers. The pulling action from cupping is more effective than pressure.

Organic Tumeric
Acupressure Neck Massage
Lower Body


Cupping helps to ease inflammation all over the body by drawing out stagnant blood in the muscles and joints.

Aches and Pains

Our special Aches and Pains formula will have your body feeling like new in no time.

Cellulite Therapy

Cupping helps to loosen adhesions in the body that cause cellulite and breaks up the pockets. 

Now offering

CoolRestore Cryo

Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. Cryotherapy can be used as a recovery method or for cosmetic purposes. Our CoolRestore Elegance machine offers a unique and complete treatment protocol that can be customized to meet each client's specific needs.


Dana’s amazing! I’ve been having problems with my shoulders & right arm due to my job and she was able to get me back to feeling normal & more importantly back to sleeping good. I’m a cupping believer now and I’ll be back again & again! Thanks Dana!!!

Jennifer B.

Dana is a true healer & has helped me with my back pain more than anyone else has! It was a relaxing and effected experience. If you are looking for some relief go to Cupping Guru ! Dana is the best!

Sam S.

I have been a client of Dana Russell, and Bodywork by DR, for over a year. She has successfully treated me for body detoxification, chronic Achilles tendon problems, and joint and muscle injuries from working out. I fractured my ankle in early December, requiring 2 surgeries. Nearly 3 months later my flexibility was extremely diminished and my ankle was still very swollen. I had a great deal of inflammation, and a lot of numbness. Dana performed a cupping directly on my ankle. The inflammation immediately began to move, the swelling went down, and feeling began to return to the numb area. Now, 2 days later, I am wearing a shoe for the first time since my injury 12/07. Feeling continues to return and the swelling is still there, but has been reduced a great deal, and my Achilles tendon, which has given me problems for years feels much, much better. I have already scheduled 2 more sessions to continue in my recovery.

Christine C.

Meet the Guru


Dana has over a decade of experience in bodywork. She is a licensed Massage Therapist with certifications in Medical Massage, Lymphatic drainage & Cupping Therapy. 

Dana is also an Advanced Certified Contemporary Cupping Therapist.

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